Catching Up in May

I remember from “Alice in Wonder Land” the Rabbit saying to Alice, “I know, let’s start at the Beginning and Stop when we get to the End!  Well, since we’re catching up; we will be working from the middle of May and going backwards into April (confused yet?).

May is the only month this year with the 13th falling on a Friday.  Friday 13th originally became known as “Unlucky” back on Friday, October 13, 1307 when King Philip of France ordered all the Knights Templars rounded up and executed.  Hopefully your Friday, May 13, 2011 was uneventful compared to the events that occurred back in 1307.  However… next year there is a Friday the 13th in the first month of each quarter throughout the year!

 2011 England received a new Princess with the Royal Wedding and Mother’s Day on May 8th honored the Queen of hearts… our Mothers!   Mother’s Day probably didn’t have as much effect on weddings as the Royal Wedding but couple’s everywhere are making their weddings Royal in their own unique way!  Some are Traditional while others are more Contemporary with Traditions added to the wedding.

An American English Royal Wedding

Anja & Joe Steward

Anja, who is from England and Joe, had an American Royal Wedding with an English Tea Theme.  The wedding was in a shady wooded area on Anja’s parent’s ranch in Navasota, Texas.  Anja rode up in a horse drawn carriage for a ceremony that included a Hand Fasting of her and Joe.  It was a fabulous English Country wedding.

Here comes the Bride

Joe and Anja Steward with Hands Fasted

Joe and Anja's English Country Wedding

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