Memorial Day Thoughts and Wishes

On this Memorial Day, we pray for our military forces in harm’s way with the hope that they will be home with their families soon. We thank our veterans that so graciously served, ensuring we could pursue our hopes and dreams without the fear of persecution or tyranny and we pause to remember the brave men and women of our Armed Forces that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

It is with the memories of our fallen heroes in mind that we share this Memorial Day tribute:

Daring Heroes 

Daring heroes, filled with might
Braved the sands and seas to fight
In honor of our right to be
A nation bound by liberty
They did not view death as their fate
And fear was an unspoken trait
Within their eyes, ‘twas one for all
Until each took their final fall.

In rich swamplands and desert heat
These soldiers spoke not of defeat
Each knew the task they held at hand –
The battlefield was their command
They sacrificed their lives for peace
And prayed their vision would not cease
After their time had come and gone
For freedom should be carried on.

Daring heroes, tried and true
Proud of the red, white, and blue
Gave their lives on distant ground
For the freedom we hold renowned
Each year, we praise their selfless deed
And service in our time of need
Through prayers of thanks that we convey
When we observe Memorial Day.
© 2006 – Jill Eisnaugle’s Poetry Collection

“This Memorial Day take the time to remember those that have fallen in combat so that we can live in the greatest country in the world. To all of my brothers in arms that came before me and gave all and those that will after I am gone, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifice, your patriotism, and your selfless service. You truly are heroes!” — Quote by JD McCoy, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army, 2008-present (Used with permission)

From all your friends at Weddings Performed, have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day!

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