Coco and Charles Hogue – Status: Married

It was no day “for the birds” on Friday, June 3, 2011, but a glorious occasion at The Admiral in Seabrook overlooking the water as Coco Gonzales and Charles Hogue were married by Minister Lynn Turner of Weddings Performed.

Charles, an avid penguin lover, incorporated his unique style into the wedding. After Coco’s mother, Dee, and grandfather, Richard, gave her hand in marriage, Charles kicked a pebble in front of Coco’s feet – an action signifying the penguin’s choice of a mate for life.

Coco and Charles’s wedding that was coordinated by Jody Torrence of i-Catching Events, included Personal Vows and the Sand Ceremony in which the couple’s mothers, Dee and Barbara, joined them in pouring sand into a beautiful heart-shaped vase.

After being pronounced Husband and Wife, Minister Lynn Turner stated that it was official in her bookThen Coco and Charles pulled out their cell phones changing their Status to Married and Minister Lynn Turner announced that it was now official on Facebook too! 

Many thanks to Décor Events, Blanca Duran and Alex of Blanca Duran Photography, Kyle Lamar of PRP Entertainment, and Dee Pedraza—who made their wedding cake and is also Coco’s Mother—for making Charles and Coco’s such an unique event that was enjoyed by all!

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