June Weddings and Hurricane Season

The month of June is now upon us. Long regarded as the busiest wedding month of the year, let us examine why June is the most popular wedding month. Tradition tells us that Juno—the Roman goddess of marriage— would bring prosperity to those who have their weddings in her month. It was also believed that a June wedding would likely lead to a child born in springtime, allowing the woman to recover in time for the next fall’s harvest.

Along the Texas coast, a wedding in June signifies the last opportunity for having a ceremony without the increased hardship that Hurricane season may provide. While Hurricane season begins today (June 1) and lasts through November 30, recent history trends have shown that few tropical systems greatly impact the Texas coast in the month of June (the peak of the Texas hurricane season does not usually occur until September). Getting married in coastal Texas during June may bring with it a leap of faith with the weather, but the decision to wed is a leap of faith too, right?

For brides and grooms everywhere, the excitement builds and nerves form as their June weddings rapidly approach. We wish all the couples that have chosen to marry this month the best in love and happiness and pray that this year’s Hurricane Season is calmer than predicted.

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