Marriage Proposals by Women: Not Just for Leap Day

According to legend, February 29th, is the one day, every four years, when a woman may ask her boyfriend for his hand in marriage. However, in today’s society, both men and women can and do propose year-round, not just on Leap Day. Since the marriage proposal is still traditionally viewed as something the man should do, many women ask themselves “How do I go about this,” “Am I rushing this decision,” “What if I’m ready and he’s not.” If you’re ready to break tradition and break out the ring or watch box, here are some tips to assist you.

Suggestion #1 – Know your man. How long have you dated? Is the chemistry there for the long haul? If so, and you know his interests, the proposal may not be so difficult. For example, if he is a romantic at-heart (and most men, despite their macho appearance, are), you might consider buying candles, champagne, and fixing his favorite dessert for a nice, comfortable evening at home, where he is comfortable spending time with you and you are comfortable, in your own element, prior to the proposal.

Suggestion #2 – The best laid plans sometimes go awry, so always keep Plan B in mind. Say that you made reservations at your boyfriend’s favorite Italian restaurant but an illness befell your sweetheart, earlier in the week; he is now too ill to attend the date. Asking such an important question may not be best suited when he is feeling poorly, so keep your plans loose. If you’ve waited this long, you can always wait another day when the timing is perfect.

Suggestion #3 – Whether he is an adventure seeker or a couch potato, be sure to arrange a proposal that will suit his style. If he is a lover of art, work out a deal with a museum curator to place a “Will You Marry Me?” sign is near his favorite piece of art. If he enjoys being at home, make a recording on DVD, tell him you want to watch a movie and pop it in the player.

Suggestion #4 – Don’t forget the gift. Rings and watches are traditionally acceptable gifts when a woman proposes marriage to her man. However, if you are on a budget, so are puppies, big screen TVs or any other gifts that speak to the longevity of your love and your commitment to the future.

Suggestion #5 – Since the trend always centers towards a man’s proposal, do not be surprised if your man is a little surprised when you ask. Give him a moment to compose himself, after you express the feelings that your heart simply cannot keep contained. He may be very surprised.

Since 2003, marriage proposals by women have risen in popularity. According to a Korbel’s Proposal Survey of 1,000 adults, 59% said they did not feel men were the only ones who should propose; 33% said they knew a woman who had proposed; and half of the women surveyed said it would be suitable for them to pop the question.

Good luck and whether you decide to propose not or wait until later, best wishes for a long and happy life for your special someone and yourself! If you have a proposal story to share, please feel free to share it on our discussion thread at Facebook:!/topic.php?uid=102900586413453&topic=410

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