Planning to Propose? Deciding on the Ring? View your iPhone

Guys, if you plan on proposing to her with a beautiful engagement ring that comes in a little blue Tiffany & Co. box but have not yet found the perfect “I love and want to spend forever with you” ring, you might want to check out the Tiffany iPhone app first. With the iPhone app, you can browse ring styles (according to shape, metal and design), view ring sizes, determine carat weight and return to your saved ring options when you revisit the application.

Launched last year, the Tiffany & Co. application offers a private Facebook page where users can share saved engagement rings and receive comments from selected friends, allowing for a more personal and convenient shopping experience. Long gone are the days of snapping Polaroid’s of your ring options and passing them around to family andfriends for suggestions. Now, you can share the entire experience using the internet’s largest social media outlet!

With selected ring choices, you can choose an option that allows you to view the ring on a hand model, allowing you to see first-hand how a ring will look on the hand of your beloved. The hand model option shows the ring’s appearance at various angles, highlighting the beauty of the ring choice and giving you an overall feel for how the ring will look on HER finger when she says “Yes.” Using the app, you may also send ring choices to Tiffany consultants and save consultants’ recommendations, making the diamond purchase stress and complication free. To download this free app, visit the Apple itunes store at:

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