Wedding Diet Tips: Say ‘I Do’ Look Fabulous

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re now a “bride-to-be.” The busy stages of early wedding planning often leave future brides wondering how they will juggle the commitments of planning the perfect wedding with what some brides view as the most challenging piece of wedding preparation: the wedding diet.

Over the next several months, you will be meeting with your minister, florist, caterer, entertainers, boutique, and more, perfecting every intricate detail of your wedding day. These elements sometimes lead to stress and exhaustion that can persuade the un-motivated bride to postpone her wedding diet until a later date. Don’t let this be YOU. For a little self-motivation, remember you are strong, you are confident, you can conquer the chaos that may arise on your journey into matrimony, and you will certainly be a beautiful bride. Now that you remember how special you are, let’s remember that there is no time like the present to begin your wedding diet and exercise planning. Here are six wedding tips to assist you along your path.

Tip #1: Begin your wedding diet plan early – Start workout plans at least six months in advance and aim for 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week. Last-minute crash and fad diets may work for the short term but lead to rebound weight gain nearly 100% of the time.

Tip #2: Skip caffeine and carbonated beverages – Non-diet and non-caffeine free drinks contain 150 calories in one 12 ounce can. Drinking three sodas per day leads to an earth-shattering 81,000 extra calories ingested during the six months leading to your wedding. Cutting these beverages from your diet can help you to shed 23 pounds of pre-wedding weight. Sodas and other carbonated beverages trap carbon dioxide in the intestines. This slows digestion and results in bloating. The caffeine impairs the intestinal tract’s ability to properly digest food.

Tip #3: Ditch the fried and processed foods – Fried food increases caloric intake. Grilled foods provide the same nutritional benefits without the added calories. Processed foods are traditionally made of higher calorie fillers that inhibit digestion. Your best bet is to replace these foods with fresh fruits, salads, and vegetables to aid your wedding diet planning.

Tip #4: In the wedding home-stretch, say ‘NO’ to gas – Beans, legumes and fiber-rich foods are filled with nutrients and low in calories that should be eaten throughout your wedding diet; however, these foods should be avoided 4 weeks before your wedding day. These fiber-rich foods can lead to an increase in bloating and gas, as well as a decrease in digestion.

Tip #5: NEVER starve – A healthy wedding diet consists of brides cutting their calorie intake by 500 calories per day. This does not mean a bride should starve herself to reach this goal. Starvation can lead to serious health consequences such as reduced metabolism, heart attack, liver or kidney failure and stroke. You can choose reduced calorie meals and combine these foods with exercise to achieve your wedding weight loss goals.

Tip #6: Start Slowly and Progressively Kick Your Plan into Motion – When first beginning, ease your way into your wedding diet by adopting an exercise plan. After the first few weeks, gradually increase the intensity of your exercise, adding such methods as weight lifting and other upper body strength training.

If you follow these wedding diet and exercise tips, or adjust them as needed to accommodate your situation, you’ll be ready to say ‘I do’ and look fabulous on your wedding day! We wish you the best!

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