Fun Honeymoon Destination Trends

Our society is increasingly moving away from traditional wedding ceremonies. More often today, couples are replacing time-honored celebrations for events that express our own uniqueness. This trend for fun and personalization is true for the honeymoon planning, as well.

The travel industry is growing to meet the needs of our society, resulting in an influx of couples vacating the traditional honeymoon for newer trends that are memorable and unique. Some examples of fun honeymoon destination trends are below.

1. Adventure honeymooning

If you’re an active, outdoors-loving couple, then an adventure honeymoon that features all of the treasures our world has to offer is likely for you. Whether you partake in deep sea fishing, mountain climbing, biking or snowboarding, the outdoorsy couple will relish the adrenaline rush and rustic memories of their honeymoon.

2. Eco-honeymooning

Eco-honeymooning is now popular among couples wanting to give back to Mother Earth. This unique experience allows the couple to strengthen their own bonds by assisting those in the community through positive, earth-friendly patronage. The eco-honeymoon can leave the couple feeling as though their love for one another is forever intertwined with earth.

3. Foodie-mooning

If you and your new spouse are food fans, a honeymoon featuring edibles and drink is likely for you. Foodie-mooning incorporates staying in or traveling to destinations where fine dining and culinary arts are featured. Foodie-mooning, which often includes a cooking class or wine tastine, is the perfect escape for the newlyweds whose love for fine cuisine has brought them closer together.

4. Glamping

If Glamping is a new term to you, you are not alone (It was to me, also.). Glamping, a cross between camping and glamour. It is the perfect solution for couples wanting an outdoors honeymoon, without sacrificing the traditional honeymoon extravagance. “Glampers” often enjoy the joys of an earth-friendly honeymoon that, like traditional camping, features no electricity or cell service, and eco-friendly methods for traditional amenities. Without the hustle and bustle of traditional life, a glamping escape is a wonderful idea for those wanting cherished alone time without the bugs!

However you choose to spend your honeymoon, we hope your trip is everything you want it to be and more!

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