The Bridal Registry: What to Do and Avoid

Many brides and grooms decide that a simple bridal registry is the best way for family, friends and guests to purchase wedding gifts for the marrying couple. When couples sit to begin the planning stage for their gift registry, there are a few important things to consider. First and of utmost importance, emphasis must be placed on creating an easy process for your wedding guests. You can easily achieve this step by registering at stores with which your guests – and you – are familiar. This creates a pleasant shopping experience for your wedding guests.

For a complete list of Do’s and Avoidances, read more:

Do put items in all price ranges on your list
Do register at a store at which you shop
Do be specific about the color, quantity and even the brand of the items you would like to receive
Do make your list as extensive as possible so that all of your guests can find something to give you

Avoid putting only put big ticket items on your list
Avoid putting generic descriptions of what you want on your list such as “knick-knacks” – you might end up with annoying knick-knacks that you’ll bury at your first post-wedding next yard sale.
Avoid making such a small list that once the first five people have bought you a gift there is nothing left from which the other guests can choose
Avoid making a gift registry at a store where you wish you could shop, but never would because it is too expensive – if it is too expensive for you, then it is probably too expensive for your guests

Good luck with your registry and we hope you receive all of the wedding gifts that your heart desires!

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