Wedding Flowers Hold Special Symbolism

Over centuries, flowers have defined our human expression and exemplified our language of friendship, romance, sympathy and joy. Most flowers have a special symbolism or history, passed from generation to generation over history.

Begun in the Victorian Era, flowers were a man’s way of communicating his love for his beloved. Floral symbolism was so well known that the woman automatically knew the man’s feelings, based on the type of flower he selected.

Today, “flower speak” may not be a language on the same page as Italian, English, Spanish or German, but emphasis on floral meanings does still hold weight in wedding planning. Roses, for example, convey a range of emotions. White roses symbolize purity, beauty, charm and innocence — popular traits among brides. Red roses convey passion. Pink roses speak to friendship and gratitude, while ivy roses are symbolic of fidelity.

If roses are not your number one choice, tulips are symbolic of undying love and are most popular during spring weddings. Daisies, often less popular in wedding planning, speak to the innocent spirit and romance. Calla lilies can bring a sense of history to your wedding while adding a touch of charm and dignity to your special day.

How do these flowers fit the style of wedding you are planning? Let us examine.

If you are planning a sophisticated wedding, calla lilies would be your best bet. For a simple look, use a single stem. For a larger effect, choose a stunning larger bouquet.

For a casual wedding, choose daisies. Daisies provide a cheerful setting for you and your guests, reminiscent of the happiness you feel on your day.

For a garden wedding, choose the tulip. The soft pastel colors of the tulip add a lighthearted and beautiful testament to your forever love.

As you can see, the flowers you choose for your wedding will help to set the mood for the day and their blooms will share a storied history as timeless as your love.

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