Labor Day Weekend Weddings & Proposals

Happy Labor Day 2011! Recent statistics have shown that Labor Day weekend is now nearly as popular for weddings as the entire month of June. Furthermore, Labor Day Weekend has increased in popularity as the time when many marriage proposals occur. Several things are influencing the trend of Labor Day weekend marriage proposals: the long weekend is great for your “engagement memories;” the cooler temperatures raise the likelihood of an outdoor proposal, and the holiday weekend is a time when family and friends are together for the big announcement.

Of course, Labor Day weekend still remains a time for enjoying the unofficial final days of summer with barbecues, beach-going and short trips, maybe to the circus. Recently, for a man from Houston, the circus seemed like the perfect place for proposing to his girlfriend.

However you are spending this Labor Day holiday, we hope it is a safe and enjoyable one for you and your loved ones.

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