Planning a Wedding Day Survival Kit

You want it to be perfect, but you know it won’t be glitch-free.  On this all-important day, the pressure can even crack the toughest nerves.  After months of planning and with so much at stake, the unpredictable situations, surprises and snafus that can happen can make any bride nervous.  However, with a little pre-planning, you can be prepared and work through your nerves.  With a little forethought, everything you need to ward off disasters can be right at your fingertips.  How?  With a Wedding Day Survival Kit, of course!

Survival Kit: Way to Save the Day!

When you think about wedding survival kits, most people tend to cover the obvious–an extra pair of pantyhose if yours gets snagged, clear nail polish to stop runs if there’s no time to change, a compact mirror, comb, tissue, bobby pins, hairspray, mints (or gum), safety pins, perfume, emery boards, sewing kit and aspirin.  But to truly be prepared, here are some much-needed, often-overlooked items that can help save the day:

~ Lip Stain (it’s way better than lipstick because it lasts and won’t get on your teeth)

~ Band-aids (not just for cuts and scrapes, they really help when you’ve gotten a blister from those tight wedding shoes)

~ Tide to Go pen (erase those spots and stains right out of there)

~ Blotting papers (because you want to shine on your wedding day, just not on the photos)

~ Dental floss (no one wants to have food in their teeth all night)

~ Super Glue (for anything that becomes unglued–too bad it doesn’t work on nerves!)

~ White chalk (an ingenious way to cover up marks on your wedding gown)

~ Eye drops (to take care of those red eyes–whether from the night before or the tears of joy)

~ Straws (so you stay hydrated without smearing your lipstick–if you don’t use lip stain, of course!)

The same motto made famous by the Boy Scouts of America can be applied to every bride as well: Be Prepared (with a wedding survival kit)– and your wedding day will likely be complete — and stress-free — success.

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2 Responses to Planning a Wedding Day Survival Kit

  1. Hi Lynn….

    Although I agree that every bride should make up an emergency kit, any wedding planner or coordinator worth their salt should carry a more comprehensive kit that will take care of any and every mishap.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but the motto ‘Be Prepared’ was in actual fact penned by Robert Baden-Powell, who founded the Boy Scout movement in England in 1907.

    A little off subject but… For many years the Scout movements’ main thrust has been to teach young boys to be good citizens and good leaders. Be prepared to do your duty is the byword for its members – duty to God, to the country and to fellow citizens.

    In fact, it was one such gesture that led to the movement being taken from England to the United States by an American businessman, William D. Boyce. The story goes that he was once lost in a London fog and was helped by a Boy Scout. On learning about the movement and having experiencing its’ values first hand, Boyce imported the Boy Scout movement to America in 1910.

    The motto now known worldwide was actually made famous by the Boy Scout movement….and not the Boy Scouts of America.

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