Display Your Gown After Your Wedding Day

So much time and effort goes into making your wedding day the most beautiful occasion it can possibly be. There are many ways to preserve the memories of this joyous time. Photographs, guest books, gifts, and videos can all be saved for years to come as special reminders of this most joyous day. With the help of a shadowbox, you can also preserve and display your wedding gown long after you’ve said I Do.

Years ago, the wedding dress was tucked in a hope chest after the ceremony and reception where it was saved in case a bride’s descendants chose to wear her gown later. Today, many brides choose to display their wedding gown as a prominent fixture in their home. A beautiful shadowbox can be used to display all the treasured pieces of your wedding ensemble. By framing your gown, shoes, veil or any other wedding-related items you wish to keep, you can ensure those items will be free from dust and harmful lighting. A shadowbox will guarantee that future generations will enjoy these items for the family history and legacy behind them.

When preparing a shadowbox for your wedding attire, here are a few things to consider:

1. Decide how many items you want to frame. Will you include your veil, shoes, and purse? Will you include items, such as your engagement announcement or wedding announcement? After you know exactly what you want to frame, decide how you want to arrange the gown and accessories. Do you want the dress folded to enunciate special beading on the top of the gown? Or do you want to allow the dress to hang down to its fullest length?

2. When deciding on a shadow box, it is important to make sure the glass and materials will protect your gown. Do not choose a box that allows ultraviolet light, radiation or heat into the box. This type of lighting could damage the color of the material and distort the gown’s original context.

3. Never use tissue paper, boxes or plastic bags that contain acid to store your wedding gown. The acid in these types of materials can stain the dress and damage the material beyond reparability.

4. Expect to use a large amount of materials to hold floor-length wedding gowns and accessories. On average, the shadow box for a floor-length wedding gown is approximately 40 by 84 inches.

5. Even though a display box must use safe materials for your wedding gown, it must also be attractive and reflect the gown beautifully. You do not want the moulding or glass taking away from the beauty of the gown.

Regardless of the material you choose for your shadowbox display, we hope the memories of your gown and special day remain for years and generations to come!

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2 Responses to Display Your Gown After Your Wedding Day

  1. Sherry Kersting says:

    I am interested in framing my wedding gown, with just a simple white frame that could be hung from the wall. What do you charge for your 40 x 84 boxes? It would need to be
    14-16 inches deep.

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