Getting the Most from Bridal Shows

The Autumn Bridal Show season is upon us, beginning with the “I Do!” Bridal Soiree in Houston, this Sunday. If you have attended bridal shows in the past, you are already aware of the benefits and bargains of making these events a fun and exciting part of your weekend. However, if you are just beginning your wedding planning and are unfamiliar with making the most of all that these shows have to offer, here are some tips to make your bridal show experience the best one possible!

1. Arrive Early. More times than not, the brides that arrive early automatically receive some of the neatest items. Some vendors offer special discounts or incentives for arriving early. Everyone loves a great deal, right?

2. Pre-Register Before the Show. You can save time by pre-registering before the show (and some bridal shows require this or pre-ordering your tickets). Registration never takes more than a few minutes, but doing so early allows you a few extra minutes of nifty wedding planning at the bridal show.

3. Bring a Friend with You to the Show. Make a day of your bridal show experience and involve your friends and family. This will make them feel connected to your planning, allow you to bounce ideas back and forth about your planning, and create treasured memories you’ll keep for years to come.

4. Create Contact Information Labels. Many wedding vendors host prizes and drawings. Instead of filling out multiple forms, electronic labels with your contact information will make entering these drawings and sharing your information a breeze.

5. Bring a Notebook and Pen. This may seem self-explanatory (and it is) but this will give you a way to take vendor’s information and note conversations and ideas of interest during the bridal show.

6. Bring a Digital Camera. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially at a bridal show. Photographing the items and ideas that you liked will help you to remember them later, in turn helping you in your planning.

7. Know and Agree to Keep Your Budget. Setting your wedding budget and knowing who is responsible for each detail will help you decide what you are looking for and needing to gain from the bridal show.

8. Bring a Method of Payment. Many vendors have “Day of the Show Only” deals in an effort to assist you. If you find a vendor you trust at the bridal show, these deals will help you save money by booking on site.

9. Do Your Pre-Show Research. It is helpful to know what wedding services you need before attending a show. A bridal show’s website will be helpful by telling you what vendors will be exhibiting at a show. Knowing what vendors will be exhibiting will help you tailor your questions to individual vendors and create a wonderful experience for all.

10. Make a Day of It! Plan to attend any bridal show for several hours. Walk around, mingle with others that are planning their weddings, meet as many vendors as you can, and make some friends with other brides and grooms-to-be.

Commit to having fun at each and every bridal show! Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life; savor every minute of the planning!

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