Love Spoons: A Unique Holiday Gift Idea

Holiday gift-giving is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate your loved ones or that one special love in your life than with a unique gift, such as a love spoon?

Originally given by men as an intention of marriage, the love spoon, with its rich history dating to Wales in the 1600s, can be a great gift for children, parents, friends, and romantic interests alike. The initial love spoons were carved from various wood choices (sycamore was the more popular choice) and their carvers took much time and effort to create spoons that said exactly what their intended message to the recipient was.

Today, if you are not of a crafty nature, you can purchase these spoons at various sellers online, including Welsh Gifts. Some craftsmen also take commissions to produce a love spoon that includes symbols which are personal to the couple. For true and dedicated romantics with some woodworking skill, instructions on how to carve a love spoon are available.

What do the love spoon carvings mean? See below:

Heart: the traditional symbol of love, visual expression of the statement “I give my heart to you”. Double spoons often have a heart carved into each bowl to signify the mutual exchange of promises.

Bell: hopes of wedding bells

Padlock: a promise of faithfulness, also a symbol of security

Keys: these could appear with a padlock or with a keyhole, the meaning being that the beloved was given the keys to the heart of the carver

Birds: love birds

Ball/s in a cage: the number of balls signified the number of children desired

Chain links: a wish to be together for all time

Wheel: either a ship’s wheel or a wagon wheel signified a promise to steer the relationship on a safe course

Diamond: hope for wealth or good fortune

Comma or paisley shape: the soul and a symbol of extremely deep love, “soul mates”

Spade: willingness to work

Horseshoe: good luck

Cross: faith

Anchor: steadfastness, coming home to stay

Vine or leaves: growth of love, evergreen love, with fruit to symbolise fruitfulness

Twisted rope: oneness, union

Dragon: protection, also a symbol of Wales

Ship: smooth passage through life

Shield: protection

Harp: music, harmony, also a symbol of Wales

Tree: strength and fertility

If you are looking for a unique and special idea that your love will cherish for a lifetime, consider the love spoon. Not only do they make wonderful gifts but the story behind the design you choose will be shared for years and years to come.

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