Make Valentine’s Day a Trial Wedding Day

We are a little over a week from Valentine’s Day and our annual Valentine’s Day Wedding with SUNNY 99.1.

Even if you are not planning to marry on Valentine’s Day this year, you can still turn your Valentine’s Day engagement into a day of beautiful wedding preparations.

For example, you could write your fiance a beautiful love letter to honor the holiday and your love. You could share the reasons you fell in love, why you’re still in love, or sweet things that you enjoy about your relationship. (This could also help you to jot some notes if you are planning personal wedding vows!)

Sample some champagne. Valentine’s Day and a little bubbly are a perfect match and this provides you the ideal opportunity to sample possible wedding day drink choices to ensure you choose the best.

If you have chosen your first dance song, you could use Valentine’s Day to slow dance around your living room, envisioning your wedding day. If you have not picked your song, what better day for sappy love song choices than Valentine’s Day? Turn on your radio and see what inspires you!

After you write the love letter, sample the champagne, and have your sweet slow dance with your love, practice your first kiss. Valentine’s Day was meant to be sealed with a kiss. You could use the holiday as an opportunity to practice your first kiss as husband and wife. Close your eyes, imagine the beauty in the moment, think about your happiness and dreams for your future together. What better mood setter could there be for “kiss practice?”

However you plan to spend Valentine’s Day this year, we hope you tune in and listen to our Valentine’s Day Wedding with Dana & Marc in the Morning, performed by our very own Minister Lynn Turner, a week from Tuesday morning – Valentine’s Day – on SUNNY 99.1 in Houston and online at!

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