Bi-Cultural Wedding Blessings at Le Virage

Chad and Saura Ruprecht were married Friday, December 30, 2011 by Minister Lynn Turner of Weddings Performed at the Le Virage Chapel in an Civil American Ceremony followed by a Persian Ceremony with a Sofreh Aghd that was officiated by Mr. Massoud Moayedi.





Each item on the Sofreh in the Persian Ceremony has a symbolic significance:
Mirror and candles – purity, light and fire
Herb, spices, incense – to guard against evil spirits
Flatbread – prosperity
Eggs, almond, nuts – fertility
Honey – first taste in new life
Sugar cones – to shower couple with sugar symbolizing sweetness & happiness
Flowers – beauty
Rose water – to purify the air
Esfand – special incense burned to drive away the evil spirits
Coins – wealth
Crystallized sugar – to sweeten life for the newlyweds
Pomegranate and apple – for joyous future
Sweets and pastries – to be shared with guests (whoever eats them will have good luck)
Koran or poem – symbolizes blessing

While the Persian Officiate performed this ceremony, the bridesmaids held a cloth over the bride and groom while happily married women rubbed the two sugar cones together. After the ceremony concluded, Chad and Saura dipped their fingers in honey and put them in each other mouths to ensure a sweet and happy life.


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