Wedding Waltz Between the North and the South


Weddings Performed was thrilled to perform and host the wedding of Travis Brown and Lissa Sanchez, married in our La Porte office on Mother’s Day (May 12) 2013.

Travis and Lissa were high school sweethearts, one from the South and the other from the North. He was born in Texas but relocated to Illinois with his family when he was young. It was in Illinois, this Southern boy met Lissa.

As eighth graders, the two developed crushes on one another, but neither Travis nor Lissa told the other about these feelings. As time progressed and high school diplomas hung on their walls, both Travis and Lissa separately traveled their own paths of making a difference in the world. There is an old saying, however, that says “What is meant to be always returns again.” This adage proved true after the couple’s 20th high school reunion.

Though he did not attend the class get-together, Travis’s friends later told him that Lissa had asked about him. This led Travis to contact Lissa and now, the two are married!

While talking with Minister Lynn Turner, Travis stated that he felt no self-respecting Southern Boy should ever arrive to his own wedding driving a dirty Black truck. But, he told Lynn that – just this once – the truck was covered in very special dirt.

The day before their wedding, Travis and Lissa went to Sargent, Texas, put 1980’s music on the stereo, locked in the four-wheel drive and proceeded to put some mud on the tires!

The couple’s ceremony included a Unity Candle that Travis and Lissa had kept since last year, when a loss in the family had prevented them from having a wedding.


After their ceremony, Travis and Lissa went outside to the truck. It was there that the groom cued the truck’s stereo to play “The Waltz Between the North and the South,” a song about a Southern Boy falling in love with a Northern Girl. Then, Travis and Lissa danced their first dance in the parking lot next to the truck: the mud proudly still on the tires.






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Finally, after years apart, the High School Sweethearts became Husband and Wife!






Congratulations Travis and Lissa from all of us at Weddings Performed!

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