Do-It-Yourself Wedding Planning: Pros and Cons

From the start of the economic downturn, the trend toward more and more do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding elements began to rise. But, which is better? Saving money and putting wedding guests to work, helping you – the bride – to plan or leaving these all-important details up to the professionals in the wedding industry? Here are some pros and cons to consider.


When writing on this topic, Stephanie Padovani of Book More Brides,  pointed out that “If DIY options are assumed to be the equivalent in service and quality to hiring a wedding professional, it could seriously hurt a wedding business.” However, it should also be noted that while some elements in a wedding can work well as a DIY project, this is not the case for every wedding element. By choosing the wrong do-it-yourself project or planning too many DIY elements in the wedding, the bride or groom could risk losing money in the long run to repair the damage from trying to plan for a bargain.

This begs the question: where should a bride or groom draw the DIY line? Which projects can work and which should be avoided.

setDIY projects such as guestbooks, bedazzling, bridesmaid gifts, and name cards always work wonderfully. For bridesmaid gifts, a personal approach – especially if handmade – is always appreciated and never falls out of style.

However, trying to take a do-it-yourself planning approach to wedding photography, a minister’s service, hair and makeup or planning too many decorations for the reception or wedding could lead to incredible heartache and additional, unneeded stress.

There is nothing wrong with doing some of your wedding projects yourself and the hands-on approach can bring incredible joy and a sense of accomplishment, but planning your DIY projects wisely and knowing when to stick with the professionals will ensure a stress-free, worry-free wedding day!

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