Remembering Loved Ones at Wedding

A wedding is a celebration of the love between two people, while also being a celebration of the affection that a bride and groom share with their loved ones.

When a loved one has passed away, many couples choose to honor the loved ones that are watching the start of the couple’s new life from beyond this life. Here are some simple, heartfelt gestures that will keep special memories alive as you say, “I do.”

Have a Memory Candle ceremony


This special ceremony is fitting for those who have had the personal loss of a loved one whom they would like to honor and acknowledge during the wedding. Incorporate a brief moment of prayer or silence in honor of those who are not present while asking your guests to reflect upon their favorite memories of the person in their own special way.

Wear a meaningful piece of jewelry


Donning a piece of your loved one’s jewelry — whether it’s a small pin or an engagement ring — can keep you feeling connected to them throughout the day. Every time your eye catches it, you’ll be reminded of its previous owner.


Incorporate initials


Ask your tailor to sew the initials of your dearly departed on the back or inside of your gown. You can also have them sewn on fabric to wrap around your bouquet. The groom can have initials sewn in his pocket square or on band holding his boutonniere together.

Make a program mention

th (1)A photo and some words about your loved one in the program will give everyone the opportunity to see that person’s face and recall fond memories.

Read a poem or lyrics

Recite his favorite poem or the lyrics of a cherished song.
Chances are, it will be something that guests will remember about him, too. 1201



Release balloons or lanterns

Gather everyone together after your ceremony and write the names of those you wish to honor on balloons or sky lanterns. Form a large circle and send the sweet symbols into the air together.



Play a favorite song 

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Was grandma an Elvis fan? Or, did your uncle always croon Frank Sinatra? Play the music that brought your loved one happiness. Consider an upbeat song as it will get guests dancing, smiling, and celebrating the person they miss.


Bridal Bouquet Charms

These glass photo memory pendants for the bouquet make for a quiet and respectful way of remembering loved ones that have passed.


In what other ways are you planning to remember your departed loved ones at your wedding? 

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