Brooch Bouquet Tips for Your Wedding Day

Brooch bouquets have been listed on Huffington Post’s 4 Hot Trends That Are Here to Stay list. The great thing about brooch bouquets is they can be personalized in so many ways! Your only limit is your own creativity and innovation! It’s no wonder so many brides today choose to carry a brooch bouquet or jeweled flower bouquet in their wedding, a more eco-friendly option to perishable fresh flowers.


For some tips on how to create your own brooch bouquet, read more:

rhinestone-encrusted-bridal-bouquet.original1.) Limit the colors – Each brooch bouquet is intricate and extremely detailed. Too many colors can be burdensome and lead to a chaotic look. Bouquets that work the best are limited to a few colors (no more than four). When buying brooches for the bouquet, finding a variety of brooches in a certain color can be a challenge, but turning the search into a scavenger hunt, of sorts, can add a little fun to your search. The results are well worth it in the end.

2.) Say Yes, to wire; No to foam – Many do-it-yourself articles suggest using styrofoam balls as the base for the brooch bouquet, but leading experts suggest that this should be avoided. The build, quality and shape and durability of the brooch bouquets will benefit from the use of wire.

3.) Have a design in mind – Consider what you want your brooch bouquet to represent before you begin your design.  Minor changes are possible, once the project is begun, but a major overhaul will likely be impossible or at the very least, costly.

Vintage-brooch-bouquet-54.) Don’t forget the handle – The key to a proper brooch bouquet handle is that it is straight , the proper length for two hands and decked out with design. Remember that pre-made bouquet handles are designed for fresh flowers and, therefore, will not work as well for your brooch bouquet.

5.) Limit the glue gun –
Overuse of the glue gun will lead you to say “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time…” and likely lead to heartbreak later. The last thing you would want is for the glue to fail and the intricate pieces of your bouquet falling to the ground during your ceremony.

6.) Use high-quality brooches – Lower quality brooches can and will likely tarnish within months of their purchase, irrevocably staining your bouquet. If the brooch material looks and feels fragile, it will likely fall apart or give you unneeded grief later.

close silver brooch bouquet

7.) Personality and Patience is everything – The brooch material will often dictate the end result of your design. Keeping an open mind about the finished product and accepting that trade-offs may be necessary will lead to happiness in the end!

8.) If you’re overwhelmed, seek a professional – Emily Clair Bridal Accessories recently exhibited at Houston’s Bridal Extravaganza Show and their staffers are available to design your unique wedding bouquet, should you need a little help.


Whether you design your own bouquet or seek the help of professionals, we hope your brooch bouquet helps to preserve special memories of your wedding day!

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