Bespectacled Wedding Trends

If you wear glasses, your prescription for eyesight is a part of your everyday life. When considering your wedding day, would it make sense to ditch your frames for contacts, just for the sake of your wedding pictures? Not really. Your glasses shape your face and in some ways define the look that your groom and others have grown to admire.

So, in choosing to keep your bespectacled look for your wedding, how do you pick a fashion-savvy pair of glasses frame for your unique ceremony? Let’s check out the four hottest glasses frames in 2013.


1. Glasses in bright colors

red cats eye glasses

Soft, translucent colors and feminine touches adorn the trends this year.  The retro cat eye look, for example, boasts glamour and trendiness.


vintage antique 1920s silvery glasses2. 1920s Retro round glasses

Inspired by the popularity of The Great Gatsby, 1920s era fashion has made a huge comeback, including the popularity for retro-style round glasses. The shape, which lends itself well to traditional metal will immediately bring a modern twist to a vintage style for your wedding.


3.  Bold and colorful frames  lafont-isabella-c.315-eyeglasses

Stylish color blocked designs are dominating many elements of weddings these days and wedding eye-wear is no exception. A bold colored frame can be an irresistible choice for your wedding. When paired with a neutral colored wedding gown, the pop of color will bring attention to your natural beauty, while not stealing the beauty of your wedding attire.


4. Tortoise shell frames

tortoise shell glasses

Timeless and natural, tortoise shell frames in earth tones always flatter and never fail to turn a few heads. These frames go well with everything and seldom falter from popularity.

Whichever style or color of glasses frames you choose for your wedding day, remember that your ability to be comfortable and of course, to see, on your wedding day is the most important factor to consider. Don’t ditch your glasses for contacts if contacts are not you; it’s your day and your call, so feel great and enjoy every moment and memory made during your bespectacled wedding day!

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