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Make Your Practical Wedding Favors Unforgettable


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3928It is always a good idea to consider practical items when deciding what wedding favors to choose for your wedding guests. Practical favors could be something useful and make sense. When shopping for them, make sure as well that they will be remembered by your guests. Having them used by your guests everyday may not be enough, and so you want to add extra touches to make them unforgettable.

One great way to make your practical wedding favors truly memorable is to include handwritten message onto them. Of course you can’t always write anything all the way down to your souvenir. You will most likely need a small note card, label, or tag where you can hand-write a message or anything you want to share. A practical gift can mean many different things to the one who receives it. So when are buying some for your guests, it is important to consider several factors that make sense. One of the factors would be the theme of your wedding. Your wedding theme could be something that tells about the personalty or a kind of interest that is common in the both of you. A wedding theme could also be something that reflects the a certain season of the year.

Focus on simple and practical ideas, following these simple criteria will give you no problem when finding practical wedding favors and making them unforgettable. One of the most popular practical wedding favors are green themed ones such as seed packets. Alternatively, you can present the seeds with a small potted soil so that your guests can directly plant the seeds even while in course of your party. It is then up to the guests to nurture the seed they planted as they grow.

cookie-cutter-beach-wedding-favors_2132_rOther practical wedding favors to choose from include coasters, knife sets, salt and pepper shakers, cookie cutters, pizza cutters, measuring spoons, tape measures, refrigerator magnets, keyboard dusters, mouse pads, hand fans, mini hand warmers, key rings, pens, mugs, small platters or bowls, candle holders, ice cream scoops and a lot more.

When you choose small tokens can be used, you must also keep in mind the type of people you are giving the tokens to before you finally make your decision. Choosing a certain favor that can practically be used is a wonderful idea to provide something to your guests that they would appreciate. They will most likely hold on to that keepsake for a long time as well.

Practical wedding favors can also become unique wedding favors when added with a personal touch. You can make them truly memorable with you own creativity.

You can package sweet candy favors on your own or even make homemade cookies if you are good at baking. DIY favors also make a practical idea, as you can save money on them. There are so many DIY wedding favors that are easy to make and you don’t even have to be an artist, if that’s what you think. Just start in advance and have fun making your own wedding favors. You can even invite some friends or family members to join you.

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