Signature Wedding Drinks

At Weddings Performed, we believe in the concept that a wedding ceremony should be as unique as you are. The same philosophy applies to the details of your reception, especially the wedding drink.

Currently a hot wedding trend, a custom wedding cocktail is a fun and creative way for the bride and groom to express their personality and add some pizzazz to the post I Do party!

Joyce Garrison of Weddings in Austin shares tips for creating a unique and delicious cocktail sure to wow wedding guests.

signature cocktail ideas 1. Make it personal

Cocktails can be very personal. Think about selecting flavors and special touches that highlight both the bride and groom’s personalities. For example, a drink that incorporates both sweet and spicy flavors is a great way to symbolize a bride with southern charm and a groom who loves spicy food.

2. Think outside the glass

signature wedding punch.jpg

Dating back to the pre-bar days, punch bowls were an important part of the community and a great way for everyone to socialize. Create a special punch to serve during cocktail hour as a way for guests to mingle or try a masculine punch to place near the Groom’s cake. For another personal touch, freeze water in a letter Jello mold and have your own floating initial ice cube.

3. Keep it local & seasonal farmer's market

Using seasonal, local ingredients can help integrate the wedding location and any regional features, while also keeping costs down. Check out local farmer’s markets to see what is in season and available near your venue. There’s no need to pair the cocktails with the food, as your signature cocktail can be an experience on its own.



coconut-water-juice4. Parting is such sweet sorrow

Receptions are usually a little crazy towards the end. Create personalized bottles of a cool-down drink for the road, such as a coconut water spritzer with a sprig of mint. This amazing parting gift is refreshing and will help guests recover from the evening’s festivities.




What flavors would inspire you? We’d love to hear your creative concepts!

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