Choosing the Right Wedding Rings

Many men I am sure will agree that buying the wedding ring (after she has said “Yes”) is easier than the purchase of the engagement ring, especially if the engagement was a surprise and she had no feedback regarding the chosen “I’ll love you forever” bling.

Just in case you and your sweet new fiancee are fretting a little over how to choose the perfect wedding rings, here are some tips from Sarah at

Matchy matchyengagement-and-celtic-wedding-ring-sets-wmine-3

It looks best to match metal types if the wedding band will be worn alongside the engagement ring. It’s not a rule, it just generally looks best.


Sweet words

93685_engraved+wedding+rings2Consider engraving the inside of your bands. It’s romantic and personal and will remind you of the significance of your rings in the years to come. There is not a lot of room, so popular engravings include three-word messages, nicknames, and your wedding date.

Try it on

This is a little more true for a guy than a gal, actually. Most men are not accustomed to wearing jewelry day in and day out. How does the ring feel? Is it comfortable? Does it feel too wide or gaudy for your taste? Guys, you are going to be wearing this (hopefully) for the rest of your life. Love it. Ladies, make sure that the band doesn’t distract or add too much to your engagement ring.

They don’t have to be identical

non-diamond-engagement-rings-ideas_3 Although many couples choose matching bands, you don’t have to. Ladies often prefer a thinner, more delicate band than guys.  And whether or not the metals match is completely up to you.

Choosing your wedding rings should be a fun and enjoyable experience. We wish you a lifetime of happiness together and with your cherished wedding rings!

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