Wedding Conflict Resolution

Sometimes, it just happens. Your vision for your wedding day does not accurately jive with that of your family members, so eager and willing to help you plan your celebration.

One of the most common sticking points for conflict between a couple and their families is the size of the guest list, but everything from the bridesmaid dresses, the color palette, the table decor, and menu can possibly be a source of unnecessary family stress if some simple ground rules don’t go into effect.

Alexis O’Mara, owner of a Boston-area wedding business, offers three simple tips for diffusing the wedding planning conflicts that might occur in your family.

6e7ebf42509babdcd93f05d0cc12bf3d1. Get Talking

Many wedding conflicts in the family arise because the family members or the couple have not discussed their plans in detail. The first thing a couple should do is to decide for themselves which details their parents should be responsible for managing and then those details should be calmly communicated to the parents or other family.


2. Incorporate the Family in the Planning

wedding family dinner conflict resolution
One way to avoid conflict is to decide how best to bring your family into the planning process in ways that make YOU comfortable. Keep in mind that while well-meaning family members are excited for your big day, your wedding is still yours and the judgment call should be yours to make. If you are comfortable, have your family tag along as you make wedding purchases; if not, host a monthly wedding planning dinner to keep the family in the loop as the planning goes along so no one feels lost in the details.

wedding conflict3. Call in a Mediator

This tip is easy if you are working with a wedding coordinator as she can step in and be an unbiased third-party to referee any familial conflicts.

O’Mara agrees that the best time to stop potential wedding planning conflicts within the family is before they start. If expectations are made clear to all family members early in the process, you will ensure harmonious celebrations with your families in the future.

The best advice of all: Forewarned in forearmed. Happy Planning!

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