Wedding Day Scents

Research has long been documented about the relationship between scent and memory. Fragrances, especially if tied to a happy time in one’s life (such as the wedding day), remind us of those memories whenever we smell them.

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Donna Karan offered some tips for the creative ways to incorporate scent into your wedding day.

1. Make your perfume last longer. Your wedding day will probably be one the longest yet one of the fastest days in your life. To make your perfume last longer, try using its coordinating lotion. It layers the scent by providing a foundation for your perfume. Start the day using your perfume’s moisturizer, then spray your perfume when you’re getting ready.

2. Spritz your underpinnings before you get dressed. It provides a long lasting effect throughout the day, and it’s a cute little surprise for your spouse at the end of the night!

wedding hankerchief3. Scent your handkerchief. Dab a little bit of your perfume on your hankie, and tuck it in your clutch. Your maid of honor will hand it to you when you will need it during your vow exchange. Using a scented hankie will bring back sweet memories of when you dried happy tears during your wedding ceremony.


4. Clue your husband-to-be. Before you write that letter to your soon-to-be hubby on the morning of, spritz a little of your perfume onto the paper. When he opens the letter the morning of your wedding, he will notice the scent. When you meet him at the altar, he will make the connection with the letter he got from you earlier in the day.

5. Milestone memories. If you’re like me and love perfumes as much as accessories, try this: pick a new perfume and start wearing it on your wedding day. Then wear it during your honeymoon, and throughout the first few months or so of marriage. Then save it as your wedding day scent. Start wearing it again on your first anniversary. Pull it out to wear on date nights and for all the special milestones you two will have.

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