7 Things Every Bride Remembers Most

You’ve planned your wedding for a long time and you’ve put a lot of work into every detail to make sure your day is perfect. Undoubtedly, there will be many memories you will cherish and recall more than others as the years pass. Here are 7 special wedding memories, courtesy of She Finds, that you’ll want to slow down and embrace:

1. Stepping into your wedding dress. Yes, you’ve tried it on already (maybe more than a few times), but there’s something different about putting on your wedding dress when it really counts. The women closest to you (your mom and bridesmaids) help you get it on, which makes it extra special. When you first look in the mirror, you’ll see yourself as a true bride for the first time–with hair, makeup and that special glow to match.

07-bride-walking-down-aisle-with-father2. The moment before you walk down the aisle with your dad. Between your nerves and your dad’s, the seconds before you walk down the aisle are emotion-filled. Trust us, seeing your father’s overwhelming love for you is something you’ll always remember.

3. When your groom sees you for the first time. That look on your groom’s face when he sees you, his bride, for the first time–well, it’s something that will likely stick in your mind for a long time. You’ve already had your own reaction to seeing yourself in the mirror–now just add to that the amplified emotion of the man who loves you most in the world. Yep, it’s something to remember.

4. Reciting your vows.


Whether you write your own vows or keep it simple with classic statements, the moment you publicly profess your love and commitment to one another will stick in your mind forever. Maybe it’s the way his voice wavers when he says “I take thee…” or maybe it’s the lump in your throat when you say his name, but there’s always a memorable moment.
5. The recessional. That walk back down the aisle, your first moments together as a wedded couple, often feels like a walk through the clouds. You and your husband (yes, you can now call him that!), arm-in-arm, aren’t just walking down an aisle–you’re walking into a brand new life together. That’s gotta trigger a tear or two.

first_dance6. The first dance. Dancing to the song that you picked out with all your family and friends watching is a special few minutes. But for many brides, the most memorable part of the first dance is actually the conversation with your new husband–and it’s often not what you’d expect! We’ll let you figure out what that means on your own wedding day.

7. The last dance. While the first dance is all about you and your groom, the last one is all about friends and family. Prepare to be overwhelmed with emotion as you all dance together–and don’t try to fight it! This is the culmination of the day you’ve been looking forward to for years and the beginning of a brand new chapter of your life. Enjoy it.

We know these special moments of your wedding day will brings smiles, tears, and joyful memories for years to come!

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