Non-Traditional Wedding Trends

dd2d6cfb-3776-404d-8aaf-6bd85d485a01There are numerous traditions and rules when it comes to planning a wedding. Everything from the throwing of the bouquet, cutting the wedding cake and having the father of the bride escort their daughter down the aisle are still popular traditions. However, many trends are changing, and more happy couples are going the nontraditional route. As a result, guests should expect something different when they arrive at a wedding.

One of the oldest traditions for guests is to not wear white to the wedding in respect for the bride. Even though this is considered a basic rule of thumb, it has been broken more times than many realize. Some brides have even had their bridesmaids or mother in white – so guests shouldn’t be surprised if they see white on more people than the bride.

Other traditions that aren’t being followed in the same way they once were include the wedding cake. If the bride- and groom-to-be aren’t huge fans of cake, why should they have it at the wedding? More couples are opting for their favorite sweets such as a dessert table or an ice cream bar.


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