Surviving His Bachelor Party


Bachelor Party Fears

As much as it might bother you to have it happen, bachelor parties are a rite of passage for men. Here are some tips from The Ring Bearer on how to overcome your worst Bachelor party fears:

1. Communicate:

Express your concerns to your fiancé and his friends. If you’re dead set against a stripper at the party, now is the time to let your fiancé know so his friends can plan accordingly. Don’t wait until the tickets are sold and he’s heading out the door to tell him you won’t marry him if he goes. Modern day stags are evolving, instead of the traditional bachelor party, buds are bonding by going away for a weekend of fishing, golfing, white water rafting or other activities.

2. Know the Plan:

Knowledge is always the best line of defense against your insecurities and wild imagination. Talk to his groomsmen and find out what they’re planning, it’s most likely not as bad as you think. It also gives you a chance to build some trust in his friends and let them know what would be acceptable to you.

Bachelor Party Survival3. Other Options:

A co-ed party with all your friends is becoming popular for bachelor / bachelorette parties. Couples will often start off at a separate event like a spa or golfing and meet up later for drinks or dinner. It’s a great alternative to worrying all night; this way you’re both comfortable – because you’re together. Fishing and other recreational activities (baseball games, etc.) are also popular and safe party trends.

4. Keep Busy:

The night of the bachelor party, make sure you’re going out with your friends so you’re not at home stewing. Plan a movie night or go to a club; enjoy the evening and it will go by quickly. In fact, plan your bachelorette for the same night and you won’t have time to worry!

5. Trust:

Your entire relationship is built upon it and at the end of the day you have to have a little faith in your man, otherwise there’s no point in tying the knot. Remember, he sees many women every day but you’re the one he wants to be with every day.

Try your best to allow him to enjoy his night, and remember, this too shall pass, it will only happen once, he chose YOU, and his party will bring you closer to spending your forever together!

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