Wine Glass Charms for Reception Guests

During your wedding reception when the Bride, Groom and Wedding Party are drinking, dancing, and mingling with guests, few Wedding Party members remain seated at the Head Table for a large part of the Wedding Reception. This means it is easy to quickly lose track of champagne or wine glasses. The simple solution to this dilemma? Wine Glass Charms!

seahorse wedding wine glass charms
Wine charms come in many forms. Some are rings that sit over the base of the glass with little messages, others may be grape wine charms or even beaded charms for wine glasses. There are a wealth of choices and possibilities and certainly there is a wine glass charm for any wedding theme.


To be sure every guest that might need a wine glass charm receives one, you could place them in a little jar on the separate tables, varying the styles or designs, and have your wedding guests select their own. You may also have them pre-attached to the Wine/Champagne Glasses.

Wedding Wine Glass Charms would also be a lovely wedding favor or keepsake idea for your friends and family to take home as a reminder of your special day!


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