Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon



You should book your honeymoon reservations four to five months before your wedding. However, the earlier you start looking the better the chance of getting a special deal. While you can make all the reservations yourself, it is smart to work with a travel agent. Most travel agents provide their services free and they have connections that can get you great deals on your travel arrangements.

The first things you need to do when planning your honeymoon are decide what type of trip you want.  Do you want to go to tropical beach, snow covered mountains, European cities etc.

How much you can spend and how long you can be away from home. Remember to include taxes, gratuity, and other miscellaneous expenses into your budget. Before talking to a travel agent, you may also want to consider whether you want an all-inclusive vacation or pay for things separately.

When trying to find a travel agent, look for an agency that has good standing with ASTA (The American Society of Travel Agents). You may also want find a travel agent that is certified (either a Certified Travel Counselor or Destination Specialist).

A good travel agent will be listen to your needs and concerns as well as be honest with you about the pros and cons of your destination choices. Before meeting with a travel agent, you should ask them if they charge a consultation fee.

It is important to be as specific as possible when talking to your travel agent about your honeymoon. Let them know if you have any special needs.   Specify the type of travel accommodations you want, such as non-smoking room or king-size bed. If you participate in any car rental, frequent flyer, hotel and travel club programs, let your travel agent know. Your agent may be able to work with these programs to save you additional money.

If you can avoid it, do not book your flight for early the next morning after the wedding, particularly if you are planning an evening reception. Once you finally get to sleep, it may be hard to wake up at 5:00am for that early morning flight, or worse, you may not even hear the alarm!

Give yourself plenty of time to pack. Make a list of all the items that you will need. Anything that you forget, such as suntan lotion, aspirin, toothpaste, will always cost more to purchase at your destination.

Spend a little; it is your honeymoon! Do something special that you would not normally do on a regular vacation. Spend a little extra for a room upgrade, or the honeymoon suite! Plan a romantic dinner at a gourmet restaurant or go on a sunset cruise. Go on a few excursions or tours.

The planning is done; the wedding is over, now it is time to relax. Here are a few tips that will help make your trip go as smoothly as possible:

  • Arrive early for flight or means of transportation.
  • Make a list of all travelers’ checks, credit cards and checking account numbers and keep it in a place separate from where you keep your money.
  • Label your luggage, on both the inside and outside, with your name, address, and phone numbers.
  • Make sure to take plenty of film.
  • Put valuables, toiletries, medicines, and some clothes and underwear in your carry-on in case your luggage gets lost.
  • Call the tourist boards to get brochures and information on things to do at your chosen destination.
  • Pack an extra bag to bring home any purchases.
  • Make sure to have any legal documents you may need for traveling (i.e. passport).
  • Put all items that can spill items, such as shampoos, into plastic freezer bags.
  • Make sure that you have transportation between the airport and hotel.

In addition, remember to call your hotel to tell them you are on your honeymoon and arrange to have a chilled bottle of champagne waiting in your room when you arrive. You want to make sure your room is ready!

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