Tech Trends for 2014 Weddings

In today’s world of email and electronics, technology is helping brides and grooms make memories faster than ever–and it’s getting guests in on the fun. Getting married in 2014? Here are the predictions for how technology will play a role at your wedding:

wedding website ideas1. Wedding Websites–Gone Mobile! Sure, paper invitations are beautiful but in today’s wedding prep, wedding websites are the first place guests will head when they’re looking for information about your big day. Luckily, they’re easier to make, fun and neater to create and there are several options available!

2. The Signature #Hashtag – Already a strong trend in 2013, the signature hashtag will become even more popular next year. Create one early (such as #your last namewedding2014), and be sure to place signs around your reception asking guests to tag their photos and tweets with it.

3. Real Time Recaps –“Social” photo booth services collect photo booth snapshots alongside tweets and Instagram pictures, then project them onto TV monitors or blank wall space. This idea is particularly fun for larger celebrations or reception spaces with multiple rooms, as it lets guests get in on the fun happening in every part of the party.

4. Collaborative Planning – Gone are the days of magazine tear sheets dutifully collected in binders–the search for wedding inspiration has moved almost completely online! While past years have seen brides-to-be collecting images on private Pinterest boards, 2014 will be the year of getting your family and wedding party directly in on the fun. Sites like Project Wedding allow multiple users to add images to and directly comment on inspiration boards.

5. Instant Status Updates  


You’re married–time to let the world know! Some couples are opting to change their Facebook relationship statuses right on the altar, right after they say I do. Others feel that the jury’s still out on how tasteful this is. If you really can’t resist, find a quiet moment between the ceremony and reception to update.

6. Homemade Videos – Producing a mini movie for your wedding might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be–and couples are increasingly using them to dress up their wedding websites, tell their unique stories, or even produce something fun and light-hearted to play at their reception.

7. Skyping In –Grandma can’t make it to your destination wedding? No worries–set her up with a Skype account or Google Hangout, place the computer close to where you’ll be saying your vows, and let her watch in real time. It won’t be exactly like she’s there, but she’ll be thankful to come close.

Which of these trends most inspires YOU the most?

Tips courtesy of Wedding Wire

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