Wedding Plus Ones: The Facts

wedding Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty ImagesBrides and grooms will likely decide early in their wedding planning stages who they must or want to invite to their wedding. The etiquette question about whether to allow a guest to bring someone with him is something that most brides and grooms encounter.

Fact: A bride and groom are under no obligation to allow their guests a “plus one.” Weddings should be a time of celebration between the bride, groom and their closest friends. They are not obligated to invite someone they barely know or don’t know at all to share in their special day. It is considered proper to invite a guest’s fiance or fiancee or live-in partner. If a guest is just dating someone or is single, a bride and groom can decide if they do or do not want to allow that guest to bring someone.

Fact: If you received an invite without a plus one, it is okay to call the bride or groom and politely ask to bring a significant other. Perhaps the bride and groom were not aware that the guest was in a relationship, or perhaps they merely forgot to include a “plus one.”

Fact: Plus ones are usually budget concerns or due to their venue size. The bride and groom have a plan to stick to. And your plus one (or lack thereof) was a part of that process. I’m sure they wish that every guest could bring a date, but in the midst of key wedding decisions, something more important in the couple’s plan for their day likely won.

The key thing for guests to remember, plus ones or not, is that the wedding day is for celebrating the couple. Even if the couple’s wedding will not permit your plus one, the bride and groom thought well enough of you to send you an invite to their special moment in time. Treasure that — as we’re sure you will!

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