The Do’s & Don’t’s of Weddings on Facebook

I Am Baker on PinterestFrom the minute you changed your status from “in a relationship” to “engaged,” your Facebook friends have been eager to know the juiciest details regarding your Big Day. Social networks help us stay connected with others by sharing every detail of our lives. However, in order to keep some element of surprise when it comes to your wedding day, here are a few tips from on which details to share on Facebook and which to keep private.

DO announce that you just got engaged! Facebook has proven to be the perfect way of informing your friends and relatives about your recent activities and whereabouts. We all love that extra attention we receive once Facebook friends know about the engagement. ‘Congratulations’ messages, likes, and your female friends gushing over your engagement ring and romantic proposal is certainly a good ego boost!

DON’T Announce the Wedding Details on your Wall. Once you’re engaged and start planning your wedding, announcing it on Facebook can be pretty exciting; yet, you should keep a certain amount of privacy when it comes to some details. Announcing your wedding date on your wall is not a good idea since you’ll be restricting your guest list and excluding a large number of your social network friends. Some of your contacts might assume they are invited, and when they don’t receive their invitation cards, it might cause some unwanted tension.

DO create a private “Save the Date” event on Facebook A fun idea would be to send a ‘Save the Date’ invitation via Facebook to the friends you’re planning to invite to your wedding. You can keep this event private and share with your friends all the wedding-related details, such as wedding venue, timings, the gift registry details, hotel options for out-of-town guests and formality of the event.

DON’T share too many details The greatest thing about a wedding is the element of surprise. So don’t share too many details such as design of your wedding dress,the wedding theme and colors (unless it requires your guests to have certain attire) and any other details that would be more fun to discover on the actual day!

DO share your wedding photos with some friends Following your festive wedding, feel free to post your best pictures on Facebook and share them with some of your contacts. Getting positive feedback and flattering comments from your friends will only make this a greater experience!

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