Planning a Successful Rehearsal Dinner



The big wedding day is approaching and you are most likely focusing your time and energy on trying to make it perfect. However, do not forget to organize and set up your wedding rehearsal. It is important to be aware of the details you will want to iron out at the rehearsal so your wedding day runs efficiently.

It is customary for the parents of the groom to entertain the wedding party and the families with a dinner after the wedding rehearsal. This dinner can be hosted by anyone. The idea is to give everyone a chance to socialize and be acquainted before the big wedding day.

Many people choose the evening before the ceremony to rehearse. Usually this ends up to be a Friday night, which is probably convenient for most people. However, if you choose to rehearse on a weeknight, double check with your families and wedding party members. Many people have family obligations in the evenings, or have to work early the next day. Confirm that your time will work for the majority of the people before you book the time.

If you are having the traditional dinner after your rehearsal, try to pick a restaurant or location close to the rehearsal site. It will save on time, and be convenient for most people. It also makes it much easier to form a car chain. Many people may not know where the restaurant is located. The closer it is, the easier it is to follow other cars or carpool.

It is likely that many people will be meeting for the first time at the wedding rehearsal. Make a point to introduce everyone. Nothing is worse for an out-of-town bridesmaid than spending a weekend with a bunch of strangers! To help these strangers remember each other, try to give a good introduction.

Do not wait until practice time to decide who will be walking down the aisle with whom. This should be decided beforehand. If possible, put some thought into your decisions. If people do not get along with each other, or may look strange walking together, do not pair them up.

Try to get the children to the rehearsal ahead of time to explain to them what is going on. It may be their first wedding, and they may not understand what a wedding is. Try to talk to them about the event and explain what their important job is. If they are not standing for the ceremony, be sure to show them where to go after their job is done. Have them walk down the aisle a few times before the crowd gets there to practice with them.

Bring your bouquets, ring bearer pillow, flower girl basket, and any other props that will play an important part of the ceremony. The children will need them for practice, and you will need to practice the moments when you need to hand your bouquet and/or gloves to your honor attendant.  Remember; cover last-minute wedding instructions at the rehearsal; save the rehearsal dinner for fun.

Before you let anyone leave, remind them again of the times they need to be available the next day and what they need to bring with them. If you have time ahead of time, you can make a schedule and a short list for your family and attendants. Also, refer them to a person they can contact if they have any questions or problems on the wedding day. Repeat that the contact person should not be the bride or groom! They have enough of things to worry about before the wedding!




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