Stress-Free Holiday Engagement News

6e96c1bac5327306ace5932ffa21fa5aMarriage proposals that occur during the holidays can be incredibly romantic and memorable for any couple. However, during this time set aside from family gatherings and mingling with friends – when strengthening and growing those connections is common – how do you manage your engagement news to avoid the flood of questions that can lead to engagement overwhelm and stress?

It can be difficult to contain your engagement excitement and surely, no one can blame you, but if you are able to hold off on sharing the news so as not to share the spotlight with the holiday season, you will likely ensure less stress for yourself in the long run.

If you DO mention your engagement at your holiday functions, telling well-wishers a simple “we plan to announce the details on our wedding website later” will usually suffice. That way, family and friends know that they will be kept in the loop and you will be free to enjoy the holidays without an onslaught of questions you have not answered for yourselves, let alone anyone else, as of yet.


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If you do plan on telling others, start with immediate family — as you always should — but lead into the conversation with Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas or your preference of greeting, catch up on your family’s lives and then ease into the news.



Excitement is infectious; however, asking your wedding party right away, especially if they are family, will only heighten the wedding talk at family socials. Hold off and ask them after the holidays have passed. This will make the season and the wedding planning to come more enjoyable for all of you because it’s perfectly appropriate to turn everyone’s full attention to wedding in the following months. Unless your wedding will occur on very short notice, there is plenty of time to focus on the planning.

As hard as it can be to hold in your excitement and put the holiday season first, you’ll be glad you did!

Sharing the attention with the season probably is not how you visioned announcing your engagement to your family and friends. After all, your engagement news is worthy of ALL the attention of January and the slower winter months to come!

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