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Every Bride wants to look and feel like a princess on their big wedding day.  That is why finding the right bridal gown is so important.  There are many beautiful wedding dress styles available; however a wedding dress that looks good on you, may not flatter another’s body type. There are all different types of body shapes: some are tall and slender, while others have large bust and wide hips. Other combination body types can be common.

Before purchasing a wedding dress, it is wise to know what style best suits you. This way finding that perfect wedding dress becomes easier and you will be ensured a fit that is made for you.  It is a good idea before you go shopping to buy some wedding magazines and cut out the wedding dresses you would like to wear for your wedding day.

Finding a Style that Fits

Problem areas are found in all parts of the body. Everyone has a problem area somewhere, may it be located in the buttocks, breast, hips, tummy, or arms.  Many times, there may be more than one problem area.

Being really tall and slender or petite and full-figured can be considered a problem when trying to find a prefect wedding dress fit.

The key to finding a perfect wedding dress fit is to know the problem areas, and know how to hide them while enhancing other body features. No one has a perfect body, but that does not mean that one cannot look radiant in a perfect fitting wedding dress.

Covering Problem Areas


  • Tall and Slender: Many tall and slender brides have a small bust area. To hide small bust choose a wedding dress that has beadwork or other details in the bodice.
  • Full Figured: Find an a-line wedding dress. This will draw away from problem areas in the stomach, hips, and thighs. Avoid sleeveless, shiny, and velvet wedding dresses.  All these type of wedding dresses can create the illusion of being heavier.
  • Petite: Wedding dresses that have a princess or empire shape design makes one look taller, which is needed in this case.
  • Large Bust: Avoid sleeveless wedding dresses; these only draw more attention to the bust. Consider styles that have thick shoulder straps, and wear with a full support bra to reduce the look of being top-heavy. Styles with a bow, or tie just below the bust are also flattering on large busted woman.
  • Wide Hips: Try on wedding dresses that focus on the upper body in design or style, while covering the hips. An empire waist wedding dress with embroidery and beadwork is popular on wedding dresses.  It can be used to draw attention to the upper body, while hiding the hip area.
  • Thick Arms: There are many ways to cover up thick arms. Choose between wearing a light waist-high coat, a dress scarf (lay it over shoulders), or a long sleeved wedding dress.
  • Tummy Troubles: Hide this problem area in a wedding dress that has a design across the stomach area, or choose one that has a bow or tie that is placed just below the bust line to draw off attention from the area.

Quick Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown

Size matters when you are looking at buying a wedding gown. Always buy a wedding gown bigger than your normal clothing size. Wedding dresses always run small and need to be ordered about 6 months or more before the wedding day, so make sure you buy a bigger size than you would normally wear. The wedding dress can ways be altered in a few inches, but if you gain weight or order a smaller size with the hopes of losing weight you may be out of a wedding dress by the day of your wedding.

Purchase a wedding dress you are going to feel comfortable in because you do not want to feel uncomfortable on your wedding day! There is no point in purchasing a wedding dress that you feel is too revealing, too formal or just plain uncomfortable. You need a wedding dress that you will be proud to show off to your family, guests and of course, your new husband!

Find a wedding dress that fits your occasion, whether your wedding will be indoors or outdoors, formal or semi-formal, have a certain theme or color. Your wedding dress should compliment your other wedding choices.

Flatter you figure by purchasing a wedding dress that brings out your best figure features while covering up the not-so-good ones. For example, if you have large bust then you will want extra support in the bustle and may what to stay always from a sleeveless wedding dress.

Shopping for a wedding dress at a bridal store is much different then shopping for any other products or clothing. Unlike with other types of shops, bridal stores take on a more formal approach to your shopping experience. Some bridal shops may require you to set up an appointment to discuss wedding dress options. It is best to call to see the times and dates they are open and ask if you first need to set up an appointment.

Tell your wedding dress consultant the formality of your wedding, your price range, wedding theme or colors, and what types of wedding dresses you are interested in trying.

Finding the right wedding gown for your special day can be a fun and rewarding experience. Make a day of it with your Mom and bridesmaids and enjoy the start of a lifetime of happy memories!


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