Wedding Wish Trees

Many brides and grooms search for alternative wedding ideas that add a touch of their personality and uniqueness to their ceremonies and receptions.

WishTree1One unique alternative to the traditional wedding guest book is the wedding wish tree. The wish tree is a custom of The Netherlands where guests are given leaf shaped pieces of card stock to write their wishes to the happy couple.

These wishes are then placed on the tree and can be assembled into a scrapbook that the couple may keep after the reception is finished, possibly with a corresponding photo of the wish giver next to each individual wish.

You can have tons of fun anchoring the tree’s design on the theme, motif, or color palette of your wedding celebration.


The Wow factor of these wish trees at your reception, especially if placed near the entrance of your venue, can be quite impressive, and the assembly of the trees can be a little time consuming, though worth it in the end for the wonderful memories the trees will make.

Here’s “wishing” you a wonderful wedding and a happy life to come.

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