Father James John

shutterstock_86220151 Father James John “J.J.”

Father J.J. was born in upstate New York. He entered the military at the age of 19 and became a Hospital Corpsmen.  After tours in the Phililppines, Vietnam and aboard several ships, he went on to college and went back in the U. S. Navy as a commissioned officer, being stationed for the most part in hospitals.

After his retirement from the Navy, Father JJ worked in business and with the Veterans Administration where he is also retired.  Father maintains a small mission in The Philippine Islands and is very close to the Filipino people because of this mission.  He enjoys gardening, homesteading, raising animals including goats, chickens, guinea hens, ducks, pigeons,turkeys and quail.  He teaches fish raising, sausage making, soap making, baking, canning, gardening, and animal husbandry to the people of his mission.  He gardens here in Houston look forward to maqny future medical missions in The Philippines.

Father  plans to expand his mission into bees and fish this coming year.  Father JJ uses the time in the USA to support his mission in The Philippines. Father is very compassionate, and very flexible.  Father finds a great deal of personal reward in providing the sacraments to people and ministering to those in need of various services from the church.  Father was married before he was ordained and has two grown children, and two grandsons.  Father was also involved in business before and after his military retirement.  He understands the stuggles of life and has found ways to see struggles as a blessing from God.

Quiet yet outgoing, Father looks forward to serving the clients Weddings Performed with the same zeal that he has used in over 45 years of services to the nation, the local community, the people of The Philippines and now the brides and grooms and their familes that come to him from Weddings Performed.

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