Minister Tim Crist

Minister Tim Crist

Minister Tim Crist was born in Michigan and moved to Texas in 1978. At the tender age of seven, which sitting in church one Sunday, Tim realized that he wanted to a Minister. He says he has never wanted to be anything else other than a Minister.

When Tim performs a wedding, he wants the Bride and Groom to feel a sense of oneness and to experience the joy and excitement of being in the presence of the Lord.

For Tim, performing a wedding ceremony fills him with delight and he appreciates how wonderful it is to be sharing such a special moment in a couple’s life.

Tim is warm, friendly, and very upbeat with an extremely outgoing nature. His real love for people is his best quality. Everyone that knows him appreciates how much he cares and that Tim will always be there for them.

When asked what he enjoys about performing weddings Tim said, “Sharing in something beautiful and watching the joy in their lives!”

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