Honorable K.P. Turner, Minister a.k.a. “Buck” Turner

Honorable K.P. Turner
Minister a.k.a. “Buck” Turner

A Judge and a Minister, K.P. has always been compassionate about his role in public service and to the community. As a Judge he administered justice compassionately with equal treatment to all he served. He uses his natural ability and dry sense of humor to put people at ease whether they are appearing before him in a courtroom or in front of an altar.

K.P. enjoys bringing a couple together in Holy Matrimony. But states that his idea of a “Perfect Wedding” doesn’t have anything to do with the size or the location of the wedding. He says, “My idea of a “Perfect Wedding” is when two people who are truly in love and ready to put their hearts and lives together for a lasting future.”

A Mason, K.P. was born in Texas where he raised Longhorn cattle on his “Rio Oso” Ranch in Bandera before moving to San Antonio where he now resides with his wife. Please note, Mr. Turner is ONLY available in San Antonio at this time.